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We had a crazy snowstorm yesterday. The people at the airport were saying there was thunder and lightning. I didn't realize it could do that and snow at the same time.

We went to see Narnia. I loved the way the witch played her part. Tumnus and both little girls were good too. The boys and the professor not so much. I also missed the people in the beaver costumes from the BBC version. The river scene was not cool, and it bothered me that no matter how long the battle scene went on there was no blood. I also didn't like the luftwaffe scenes at the beginning, i'm not really sure what they were trying to do with them. All in all, it's worth seeing, but I think I'm going to leave the BBC version of my childhood as the reigning version in my head.

Other stuff to notice: I'm pretty sure Santiago Calatrava designed the witches palace (see three posts ago), and if you look closely at all of the thrones at the witches palace and at the castle at the end, you will notice they all seemed to have hired the same interior decorator. Good stuff.


Anna 10:54 PM  

I thought Narnia was very well done. I really liked it and it followed the book very well. Almost freakily well. I know people are sentimental about the old BBC movies, but honestly they frightened me a bit as a child. This was much better. Even my mom enjoyed it.
I'm still trying to decide my future. I have an apartment lead in Allston. Boston or Israel. Hard.

onetenchelsea 9:04 AM  

ok. i'm giving my opinion.

I love travelling. I think you know that. but I kind of think that it should be something that fits into normal life, not something that replaces it. I don't think I'd trade three weeks of travel for 4 months of school. I don't think it's a fair trade. Plus you know people in Isreal. I'm sure you'll get a time when you are better off financially and you can fit it into a summer or winter break. If I were you I'd be trying to get done with school. as is, neither of us will probably be done before 2010.

Chris Dugan 11:24 AM  

Yeah the BBC version is kind of the definitive for me as well. All those cell animated animals. LOL!
It's certainly not epic and it's presented as more of a play put on film rather than an epic movie. Maybe that's why I like it.

I thought the movie was very good. The battle at the end I thought was better conceived, paced and shot than anything in LOTR. It was also in broad daylight which is a pretty bold thing to do with a big special effects sequence like that. (Just about every LOTR battle was at dusk or in the rain). It didn't overpower the story either which I appreciated since the book isn't really about big epic battle sequences. But it looked great and had a sense of purpose and urgency and character development to it.

onetenchelsea 12:04 PM  

interesting perspective. I hadn't really thought about the daylight thing.

I've been studying midieval battle alot lately (one of my minor ecentricities) and I really live the way LOTR's did them. From a military, weaponry type standpoint I think they really captured it well. Watching the Lion Witch and Wardrobe, I felt less reatlity to the battle (from a tatctical standpoint). which i suppose is ok for a disney movie.

Chris Dugan 12:11 AM  

I don't know how "historically" accurate the Battle was-maybe it wasn't very. I meant that technically and cinematically I thought it was better done than LOTR which completely suprised me.

the godless love of Mark Darling 10:28 AM  

Thanks for your comments about Evergreen and Mark Darling. I have a new posting.


And if you ever want to talk, let me know. I'd love to chat, well, at least on the phone.

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