Random Stuff I Like

No. 1) The part of the green line past North Station reopened a couple of weeks ago, finally putting to an end the use of stupid shuttle busses every time I needed to buy Guinea Pig food. I've always been a dork for new public transit lines. When the Ringbahn opened in Berlin, I was there. When the Hiawatha Line opened in Minneapolis, I was there. So, I had to make an excuse to ride the green line. The work they were doing was to move the train from an elevated track to be underground on the street that runs in front of the Fleet Center/Boston Garden/Banknorth Garden/Whatever-the-Hell-it's-Named-Now. They also added a train yard underground, which is kind of cool. The train jumps above ground in the West End (sigh) and then across the Charles River to East Cambridge. They are going to be extending the train to go to Union Square in Somerville and Medford Square in Medford (which will also serve the new IKEA at Assembaly Square) over the next few years.

No. 2) The twisty icicle on the right (north) side of this picture is the newly proposed Santiago Calatrava building for downtown Chicago. It's about 2000 feet tall. Taipei 101, the current tallest building is 1670 feet tall. The Freedom Tower in New York will be 1776 feet tall (I hope you can hear me rolling my eyes). Which would make this, if it's built quick enough, the tallest in the world for a time (the builders of the Burj Dubai in the UAE have broken ground already, but they won't say how tall the building will be, some people have speculated it will be over 2,500 ft.) It would certainly be the tallest in America. It would also be the tallest building of housing in the world. It's also super cool looking. GO CHICAGO!

No. 3) The Highline in New York broke ground, too. They are turning this elevated train line on the West Side into a city park. I think it'll be awesome. There was a similar project in Paris that's been very successful. The idea of putting a park above street level, especially in a place like Manhattan, where space is at a premium, is a great idea. It runs from Greenwich Village through Chelsea and into Midtown. If you happen to be visiting, Empire Diner on 10th and 23rd is one of my favorite places for breakfast in New York. There is a guy in South America who has suggested building parks and gardens, or even possibly farm land above blocks of tenements. It could really revolutionize the way cities work.


Anna 5:10 PM  

so they finally opened the green line huh? took them long enough, the projected time was last summer. If I move back, I might go back to Union Square, especially with the green line coming. I liked it there. I liked the Brazilians much better than the drunk students in Allston. I think you better find someone else to house-sit though, I probably can't take that much time off of work. I'm trying to get to Israel with Jenne in March for two weeks. Don't mention it on my blog though. . . need to discuss it a bit first with my parents.

onetenchelsea 5:26 PM  

the green line isn't scheduled to open in Union Square until 2012, so either way it probably won't do you much good (the university ave line in Mpls will probably be running first). You should give eastie a try. J and I like it more all the time. It's really improving a lot and when the park opens by airport station, you'll actually have a good connection to the red line (silver to red). Plus it's freaking cheap.

did I tell you that we've been making friends with a couple from Jessica's work? she's palestinian and he's american and they met when he was living in palestine. anyways they are trying to get the ability to take a trip (like the one j is doing to egypt) to palestine for next year. We'd probably try to go if we can.

Anna 11:07 PM  

yeah I like it by where you live. I like speaking spanish in normal conversation. I do it now at this mexican bakery by the bus stop on Central. When i miss the bus I go in and give myself a treat.

John 2:18 AM  

Whoa, number three is an awesome idea, since it goes straight through the city. That rocks.

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