Christmas Eve-Eve

Boston, Massachusetts
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J & I had a nice day opening presents and watching Lost. J had a salon appointment, so I spent sometime walking around (it's a nice 40 degrees). I watched the skaters on the Frog Pond on the Common for awhile.

Presents were fun. I got everything I wanted. New Jacket. Speaker thingy for my iPod. Plenty of books to tide me over until the new semester starts. I got the new biographies of Mao and Pol Pot, a Graham Greene novel, a couple of pop-sociology books, a couple of history books (Liberia and Cold War era Tibet), a book of historical pictures of Mpls, the Lonely Planet guide to India (next year's vacation?) and a book about how politicians, dictators and the rich use architecture, which I started reading already. (and before you think we spent $40,000 on books, a lot of them were remainders).

J is leaving on Monday for Cairo. We were talking about it the other day and realized that after Germany, Egypt will be the country she will have spent the most time in, which is a pretty good way to tell how well you know a place. We thought that was kind of crazy. I'm hoping she'll bring me back a Sphinx paperweight :-) She just wrote some stuff on her blog (which has added an au Caire to the title for the time being). She said she'll try to post some while she's there too.

Oh, we also went to see King Kong a couple of days ago. The New York scenes are awesome. I wasn't that excited about the movie before hand, but I was impressed. Plus, I think it doubled the GNP of New Zealand for the year, and I always root for underdogs.


✙ patron saint of ulster ✙ 11:36 AM  

wow, thanks, zakcq! that sounds really sweet, i will definitely be looking into that.

p.s. it sounds like you are having a wonderful christmas season- i too have been really interested in tibet right now. i'm actually painting a tibeten nomad. oh and i've seen that historical minneapolis book. neat, eh?

onetenchelsea 4:35 PM  

I have kind of a love-hate thing with Tibet. I really believe that nations should have a right to self-determination, be it Kurds, Basques or Tibetians, however some of that comes with my general tendancy to root for the underdog (the new jersey nets were my favorite basketball team growing up). Tibet gets so much press that I sometimes feel like they don't really need my support, which I know sounds kind of weird. Part of the reason I've been reading more about them is to try and get past the media version to really understand the country so that I can try and get onboard.

Anna 7:02 PM  

I got a seatbelt cushion for doug's car and a cat calander from my parents. great fun. I guess they got me some early stuff like a winter coat, so I shouldn't complain. :)
From Sara I got some underwear that says Field's girl on them and from jay, a VCR to replace the one that broke when I moved. No books this year. I'm a bit depressed!!! But I'm reading Dr. Zhivago right now from the bookshelf. I have enough books to keep myself reading for the next twenty years probably!

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