You know you watch too many spy movies when...

So, i'm at work, running to catch an elevator. I yell, asking the guy in it to hold it, but he doesn't. I'm thinking he's just a jerk, but when I catch the elevator, I see that he's in a suit with a briefcase handcuffed (handcuffed!!!) to his arm. Around the briefcase there is a little tag that says property of the US government: if found do not open call 1-800-i-just-found-the-severed-arm-of-your-agent (or something like that.) So anyways, the elevator door closes, and I start thinking to myself, I should take the guy, steal the suitcase and make some sort of spectacular death-defying escape (in case you are wondering, yes, I do think things like that alot.) In the end I decided it probably wasn't a good idea, and anyways, without proper recon, I would have no idea that he was carrying. For all I know it was just plans for the invasion of Canada, and who'd want to risk thier lives for that?


Jerry Plagge, Jr. 9:22 AM  

Did you live in Berlin at one point?

Jerry Plagge, Jr. 9:29 AM  

It is you! I saw the name of your wife. Didn't know you ended up in Boston.

I wonder if you can figure out who I am by my blog? Hint: I was at your wedding.

Until I read your blog, I kinda forgot about your socialist tendencies.

Rad 12:58 AM  

Duh, Jerry, he only has to click on your blogger name and he'll see your profile. ;) Miss you dude. Go Lance!

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