So, here's a question... is it possible to get yourself into Wikipedia?

Anyway. J and I got to go see Glenn Murcutt last night at MIT. He's an Australian architect that won the Pritzker Prize a couple years back. He does pretty amazing stuff with natural ventilation and renewable resourses and sustainable building practices and so on. It was a pretty interesting lecture, although the combo of the Australian accent and trying to get through 6 projects in an hour made it a little difficult to follow. I wish I could throw some photos up, but my flickr doesn't seem to be working.

J and I finally got all of our travel arrangments worked out following her upcoming graduation. We will for sure be in NY from 6-9 May and Philadelphia from 9-12 May (Phillies/Cubs, yeah!) if anyone wants to get together. J leaves for Thailand on the 13th. She'll be in Vietnam and Myanmar for sure too and might throw in a side trip to KL or Singapore. I think I may also be in Mpls for a weekend in June for my brothers graduation.

And speaking of Phillies/Cubs: One of J's professors, Alan Klein, does research on the anthropology of baseball. I just read his book Growing the Game, which is about Baseball and globalization. It was really interesting. I'd highly recomend it for all the baseballers out there. He's also got a book on Baseball in the Dominican Republic and one on a team that plays in both Loredo and Nuevo Loredo that I'm planning on picking up.

Just three more weeks/two papers/one building away from the end of the semester!


Radman 9:56 AM  

Ok, Philly is all about South Philly. It'll feel like East Boston, though, so maybe it won't appeal to you since you live in that kind of environment already. But it appealed to me a ton. It's filled with the Rocky style run-down flats and ethnic neighborhoods (many of which are italian).

In SP, you really need to visit Pat's King of Steaks for a philly steak (I know that I am starting a religious war right now by saying that--die all you Geno's fans!). You should order it "wit" and with "wiz" which means that you want cheese wiz and onions on it. It's incredible. Grab some cheese fries while you're at it. Maybe if you're lucky the baseball park across the street will be lit up with locals playing softball.

Next up, you'll want to eat Italian in South Philly too. Then again, you have North Boston and nothing really beats that!

Check out the art museum and City Hall, both are totally awesome and you'll dig them. That's in addition to whatever adgenda you guys have. Hope you enjoy your trip dude. I loved Philly. Would totally move there if I could.

Radman 9:48 AM  

Dude, great shots of Philly and NYC. And Jessica's Graduation!! Awesome!! My congratulations to her, big time!

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