One would think the semester should be winding down, but it seems like I've still got a ton of stuff due. I just spent all morning working on this project for my architecture class:
now I've got to build that out of wood. Not that I don't love doing that, but it's still going to be time consuming.

On top of all that, I'm starting to look seriously at which grad schools I'm going to apply to. Right now, I think it's going to be CCNY, Pratt Institute, Columbia, McGill, U of Toronto, University of British Columbia, MIT and Harvard Design. I'm still considering throwing UCLA in there (I'm not really excited about living in LA, but they've got a great program). I'm really looking for somewhere that is really strong in design. If anyone out there has any other suggestions I should look out for, please comment. J has pretty much decided that she's going to work for a few years instead of applying right away, so I'll really get to concentrate on school for my masters.

Anyway. J is graduating in a little over a month! I think she's only got three more weeks of actual classes. She's had one interview already for work after school, although she's going to be leading a student trip to the "golden triangle" (that's where Laos, Thailand and Myanmar meet) for a month and then for two weeks in Ho Chi Minh City to visit her "family" there before she starts working.

So yeah, that's about it for us. We're going to be in NYC for a couple days at the beginning of May and then either in New Mexico or Cascadia for a week after that if anybody wants to get together.

btw. I'm watching the Braves and Phillies right now. It makes me really happy that baseball is back... but at the same time, it's a little sad that I live in a city where it's too expensive to actually go the the games. What happened to baseball for the people man?


Jason S. 10:46 PM  

Grad school for what exactly, Architecture or Planning. There are lots of options out there obviously, if you want some good advice from students currently in grad school, archinect.com has lots of great discussion groups. The list you have is interesting I am assuming you are in a 4+2 situation meaning you are looking for a two year program. You want to find a place that has lots of assistanships available so you don't end up loaded in debt. (ie. columbia, mit which are notorious for graduates in loads of debt) If you are talking about architecture columbia, mit and harvard are the only ones I am really familiar with and they are digitally intensive, hard core programs which for me would be a plus but may not be what you are looking for. If you are looking for planning I have no clue but could ask one of my planning colleagues what he would recommend.

onetenchelsea 4:00 PM  

thanks for the imput. I'm looking for planning (either master of urban planning or master of urban design) but something that has a large design componant. There are a couple of schools (MIT, UCLA) that have a 3 year joint program between arch and planning, but I don't think I've got enough of a background to go straight into an arch program.

John 10:05 AM  

That looks pretty sweet and also like a lot of work. How do you build that, with tons of layers of thin wood each cut to the right shape?

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