What is Sadder?

A) Thirty-year-old guy in front of us in line at the movies who buys one ticket each for a movie at 2:15 and a movie at 4:30


b) Thirty-year-old guy next to us on the subway who is grinning widely while watching American Idol on his iPod


Anna 8:08 PM  

I don't think either is sad. I go to movies by myself sometimes (Most recently "An Inconvenient Truth". And I watch things on my ipod sometimes that other people probably think are stupid. I KNOW I listen to stuff that people think is stupid and I have no problem with that. If something makes someone smile (and it involves no killing, poverty or nudity) I'm all for it, there aren't enough smiles in this world.

onetenchelsea 8:27 PM  

Yes, but do you go to two movies in a row alone?

Anna 1:11 AM  

I've considered it, but I'm too poor. So instead I watch two movies in a row alone on my computer. And honestly, that isn't as fun I don't think.

John 8:24 AM  

I agree - going to the movies alone, chilling for an afternoon, isn't that bad if you happen to be an introvert.

Watching American Idol on your iPod - well...

zkorb 3:54 PM  

I hope the movies weren't "American Idol, The Movie, Seasons 1 and 2".

onetenchelsea 4:16 PM  

if I remember right, the movies were My Super Ex-Girlfriend and The Devil Wears Prada.

Brother James 4:34 PM  

At least it was two different movies and not the same movie twice.

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