So, we're back in America. So far so good. The costs here take a bit of adjusting too. Our fast food meal at LAX was more than most of our hotels. J has taken to exclaiming prices in Dong. 160,000 Dong for a Hamburger!!! ect. She also couldn't figure out why she couldn't find fresh produce at the airport.

I've started uploading photos. I've got close to a thousand so it's going to take awhile. So far I've got about half of my Hong Kong pictures up. If you're into pictures of skylines...
Hong Kong

I've got a couple more blogs relating to my trip flying about in my head, so I'll try to get them out soon.

I've also got some stuff that I'm going to sell on Craig's List, so I figured I'd post it here first and see if anyone I know wants it:

I have 1 Kodak EasyShare C340 5MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom. +a carrying case and a 1 gig memory card (fits about 700 pictures at the highest resolution). The camera is only about 4 months old. I got it to take pics while J was gone and now I don't need it anymore. Check out my Hong Kong photos or my most recent photos of Boston for examples. I'm looking for $200.

Also, some DVD boxsets:
Scrubs seasons 1 or 2 for $20 each or Sex and the City Season 3 or 6 part 1 for $30 each.


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