I've been wrestling for awhile about what to do with this blog now that I'm down to posting about six times per year (I blame Facebook). I finally decided that I'm going to transition this into a sort of online resume-slash-portfolio-slash-manifesto. Step one has already been completed, which was changing the url to www.zakcqlockrem.com. Step two will be a massive redesign, which is in process now. I hope to be done before school starts in the fall.

I do intend to keep blogging (especially since I've got a cross-country train trip coming up next week), but in the future that will only be one part of the available resources here.

So, yeah. Check back every now and then. It'll get better.

In the meantime, here's a good event coming up next week:

"Contested Streets" film screening
Tuesday July 1, 2008 7:00pm
@ LivableStreets office space, 100 Sidney Street, Central Square, Cambridge

"CONTESTED STREETS explores the history and culture of New York City streets from pre-automobile times to the present. This examination allows for an understanding of how the city - though the most well served by mass transit in the United States - has slowly relinquished what was a rich, multi-dimensional conception of the street as public space to a mindset that prioritizes the rapid movement of cars and trucks over all other functions.

Central to the story is a comparison of New York to what is experienced in London, Paris and Copenhagen. Interviews and footage shot in these cities showcase how limiting automobile use in recent years has improved air quality, minimized noise pollution and enriched commercial, recreational and community interaction. London's congestion pricing scheme, Paris' BRT (bus rapid transit) and Copenhagen's bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure are all examined in depth. New York City, though to many the most vibrant and dynamic city on Earth, still has lessons to learn from Old Europe."


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