Jackson Square 1
Jackson Square 1
Jackson Square 1

I just finished up these three boards for my presentation for the Jackson Square Master Plan that my class has been working on this week. The student presentations are tomorrow (I'll probably upload some pictures). I did my own plan just for fun. It's a little basic (I didn't do a lot of the research that a full plan would have needed) but I think it turned out pretty nice.


Ryan 11:40 PM  

Can I live in the neighborhood in your drawings please?

onetenchelsea 4:56 PM  

sure. I'll even make a pitman street for you.

eb91387 3:33 PM  

I was wondering if you would be interested in info on the Atlantic Works gallery, which is a collaborative art gallery in East Boston. If you have an email address that I could directly send information to that would be great, or visit atlanticworks.org.


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