The Best Fiction of 2006

So, like my bus driver buddy over at Driver2165, I'm going to break up my end of the year book lists topically. Today's teaser:

The Best Fiction of 2006!!!

Now, I'm not a huge fiction reader, so my base of books read is admittedly small for this one, but I'm going with Dave Egger's What is the What for best book of the year. Kind of like Egger's Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, What is the What is a semi-fictional biography. He worked with the main character in the book for three years and traveled with him to the Sudan in order to write the book. It's the story of one of the Lost Boys.

My runner-up is jPod by Douglas Coupland.



Driver2165 12:47 PM  

I just found out about that book this week. I'm so adding it to my list. JPod was very funny. It's the only Coupland I've read. I grabbed it because Eleanor Rigby was on your list I think last year.

onetenchelsea 1:29 PM  

Eleanor Rigby, All Families Are Psycotic and Girlfriend in a Coma are my favorite Couplands. jPod was good, but not quite as good as his best.

Driver2165 4:24 PM  

How's MIcroserfs?

onetenchelsea 5:43 PM  

I never read that one.

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