The Nerve Racking Flight to the Lao PDR.

Our flight was terrifying, but not in the way I expected. Yes, it was an incredibly small airplane and yes, it had propellers (did you know they still used those?). The real problem, however, was that once we got to the airport, the check-in lady looked at J's passport and say that the only complete blank pages were the very back ones that say something about "Amendments." She said she wasn't sure customs would let us through without one of the normal pages blank. They made us sign forms that Bangkok Airways wasn't responsible if we got turned back. Scary stuff. Luckily it wasn't a problem. The customs guys just put it at the end.

All of that just made Laos all the better. It's much cooler (I mean temperature wise) here and very relaxed. More later when I can add some pictures.

The real problem is that J still needs a visa for Cambodia and a re-entry visa for Vietnam. We're going to stop at the embassy in Vientiane on Monday and hopefully they will be able to add pages for her.


AVT 6:53 AM  

Just so you know... your son is fine. We have been having a great time. I've decided he reminds me of a mini nerf football. Glad to see you're having a great time! I'm jealous :) See you in a few weeks

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