Back in Saigon... and it feels great. Central Vietnam is HOT. I always like the city more anyways.

I'm kind of winding down my thoughts on Vietnam. Tomorrow we go to Bangkok for 4 days. I've really enjoyed my time here (and in China) much more than I thought I would. For some reason, I've really been looking forward more to the Indo-influenced cultures that the Sinic ones. I was trying to figure out why and all I came up with is that I've always had the vague feeling that Chinese art is Kitsch. I think it comes from having my introduction to it come from cheep resturants instead of museums. In all of its fullness it's really quite amazing and beautiful.

Our last few days in Hoi An were great. We both liked the suits that we had made so much that we had some other clothes done. Two days ago we took an excellent Vietnamese cooking class (Red Bridge School if anyone wants a recomendation).

Today in Saigon we visited a few museums. I was disappointed that the Revolutionary Art exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum was out on tour. Tonight we just wind down and tomorrow we fly out. I think I'm going to have some time tomorrow at a wireless cafe to upload some photos.


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