So, I finished up the semester last week. I'm honestly not sure if I did as well as I normally do. I think my grades will still be good, just not great. It was just kind of tough to get into my research when I was so up and down because J is gone. Anyways, there's always next semster. I've got Summer I off (obviously, since I'll be in Asia), but Summer II I've got a class called Urban Disasters with one of my favorite professors. I think it'll be pretty cool. I really hoping that we'll get into New Orleans quite a bit.

I spent the day to day running a few errands to get ready for my trip, returning library books and the like. I also found a book on Cambodian Art and Architecture at a used bookstore, which is pretty awesome. I'd been looking for something like that for all of Southeast Asia, but the best I had found so far was on Buddist Art and it only had a little chapter on the SE. The book also has a pretty good overview of the architecture at Angkor which will be useful. The MFA in Boston has a really great collection of Asian art, too, and it's free on Wednesday nights, so I think I'm going to go this week.

Here in Eastie, something happened recently that really pissed me off:
Boston, Massachusetts
The middle two buildings in this picture are gone. I just hate that two beautiful 19th century brick buildings can just disappear like that. Especially when there are several vacant lots literally within 500 feet of where the buildings stood. What's really annoying is that it totally messes up the street wall. Before, the entire block was brick and if they weren't historic, they at least looked like they fit in. Who knows what they're putting there now. I just hope it's not a parking lot. grrrr.


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