HK, SAR, PRC, ect.

I am at a free, public internet kiosk in a subway station right now. Just one of the many reasons that Hong Kong is one of the rockin'est cities ever. The only thing I've found not to like is that people don't jaywalk.

more later...


Driver2165 11:18 AM  

People don't jaywalk! Pack up the bags, Bethany, we're moving.

I won't mind if people jaywalk as long as people are allowed to drive cars on the sidewalks. Otherwise, keep pedestrians and cars as seperate as James Dobson should be from the government

bethany 7:39 PM  

haha, ryan that's funny.
thanks z&j for the cute outfit for eliot, it's so adorable. :)

onetenchelsea 7:16 AM  

I'm not talking just normal not jaywalking. I'm talking it's midnight without a car in sight and people will wait at a crosswalk for a green. Way to far. I'm of the opinion that the street belongs to people and cars should have to avoid us.

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