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Chisinau, Moldova
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J wrote some about being in Moldova. Go check it out.

A quick heads up to you Minneapolisians, the Walker has some cool exhibits right now. They've got Andy Warhol's silkscreens of celebrity icons juxtaposed with disasters. I'm not a huge Warhol fan, but I have seen some in person before and it's comes off well (some people are like that, they're just better in real life).

The one I'd really like to see is called Some Assembly Required: Contemporary Prefabricated Houses. It looks really interesting. Prefab houses can go either way, but they're still fascinating to me. I'd love to see it, but I don't think I'm going to be in Minneapolis before it ends. If anyone goes, let me know how it is.

Also, I like Farheen Hakeem a lot (other than the lack of stadium funding) If I were still living in Mpls, she'd get my write-in mayor vote this year (in fact, I would have been working the campaign).

In Boston, I'm sticking with Menino. Hennigan's policies towards housing are poor, and she's weak on neighborhood rights. Menino is too much of a machine politician for me, but despite that, Boston as a whole (and Boston's neighborhoods individually) are improving. "Affordable Housing" (at least for Boston) is protected and it's clear that Boston will do everything it can to keep on top in culture and education. The types of development that are happening are assuring that Boston will retain it's urban feel, it's great public transit and it's walkability. Plus we'd have to change all the signs if Menino lost.


Driver2165 11:56 AM  

Yeah man, the arts and architecture world is the only one that almost sees Minneapolis as a peer.

One of the major three prefabs (flatpak) was designed in mpls. Make me show you the one that's built already next time you're in town. It's brilliant.

I think dwell is sponsoring the show aren't they?

onetenchelsea 10:33 PM  

Minneapolis does really well in design. Architecture maybe a little less so, although they do have some good pieces of Modern architecture. Modernism always suceeded with individual forms but never was really very good at building good urban spaces. I think that's why it did well in Mpls. When you are so car dependant, individual form is all that really matters.

I think dwell is sponsoring it. it's where I read about it.

onetenchelsea 10:35 PM  

I should clarify, I do think Mpls has some really nice architecture, what I meant when I said less so than design is that it is seldom as cutting edge as it is in design. In architecture, I think they play the follower (to chicago especially) more often.

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