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Istanbul, Turkey
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I just turned in the midterm paper that marks the halfway point of the semester for me. It feels great. Now I've got almost nothing due until my two big papers in December. I'm writing one on the process of building the Lightrail in Minneapolis from a sociological perspective and one on the types of working class housing in Friedrichshain in Berlin. I haven't developed the first one very much, but the second one is going to focus on how the "crisis" housing that lead to the social unrest of the industrial revolution became the desirable housing of the post-industrial city. I may need some photos for presentations, so if I can get a Minneapolisian and a Berliner to volunteer, I'd appreciate it.

New week I'm going for a couple of days to Newport, Rhode Island for a conference with the Southern New England branches of the American Planning Association. I've got sessions on low income housing, low impact development, neighborhood density, eminent domain and (best of all) historic mill reuse! (there was nothing interesting happening that session time). I'm looking forward to it. Newport should be pretty too. I'm taking public transit down there. Rhode Island has one bus system for the entire state. How cool is that?

J's turning 24 next week. I'm married to an old women. How'd that happen? The picture there is another one of hers from Istanbul. The foreground is Europe and the other side of the bridge is Asia. I find that crazy. A bridge that runs between continents. Maybe will have the opportunity to drive to Russia before the ends of our lives.


Anna 10:21 PM  

Oh wow, thanks for reminding me about J's bday! I bought her present seriously this summer and it has been sitting in my closet waiting for me to mail it!
I would volunteer to take pictures but I'm kind of bad at that suff. I bet Ryan would be better. . .

Anna 10:22 PM  

Andrew and I are going to MxPx next week. I wish Jessica could go with me instead, too, something like that. Although Andrew is fine, he just doesn't have that MxPx history like Jess does.

onetenchelsea 10:24 PM  



I'm sorry, is it 1997?

Just kidding. Have fun.

Driver2165 10:28 PM  

hey z have your pick at driver2165.com/pics21sep04/Sites.html if you want higher res i've got em

Anna 12:03 PM  

Hey. I'm getting old. MxPx is getting old. this might be the last time!!!!!

Chris Dugan 4:54 PM  

Andrew as in Andrew Watson? I remember that guy! He was pretty cool. Did he go Marxist too?

onetenchelsea 5:08 PM  

no, no...

andrew went straight the other direction. he's the guy in the front row clapping at pat robertson's rants.

ryan- there are some specific photos i'd like, can i send you a list?


Anna 7:16 PM  

Zakcq, that was mean. he's not that bad and he's my friend. He's just more conservative than us, but this is America and people can have their own political beliefs.

Anna 7:16 PM  

Oh, thanks for the present! I love it.

John 2:49 AM  

Since we live in Prenzlauer Berg / Friedrichshain now, I think I could take some pics for you.

What kind of buildings do you want pictures of?

I'm not exactly an artistic photographer, mind you - that bridge picture is incredible.

onetenchelsea 10:20 PM  

John, thanks for volunteering... here are pictures that I think I'd like right now... of course this is a pretty long list, so don't feel like you've got to.

1. typical housing/streets from 1860's-1900. Petersburger Str. or anything streets in the Hansaviertel in Prenzel'burg works.

2. the volksschlosser on Karl-Marx-Allee. especially strausbergerplatz and the frankfurter tor.

3. plattenbauten. preferably platz der vereinigten nationen and strasse der pariser kommune (near ostbahnhof.

4. anykinds of photos from up high (the roof of the church or the tv tower) and photos of hofs.

5. parks/monuments. with the monuments, the commier the better. there is that big war monument in the volkspark up by where am friedrichshain hits hufelandstr.

thanks for whatever you can do.

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