I've had nothing to write about recently, so here is a tidbit from the most recent book I’ve been reading:

The suburbs in California grow by a space equal to that of the entire state of Massachusetts every ten years.

Anyway, I've been spending my time lately trying to find a part-time job or internship within my field so that I can start getting some professional experience before I graduate. I'm really hoping to get into a really good grad school and I know that some good experience will make me stand apart. These are my favorite two things I’ve applied for so far:

1. A job for a part-time planner at a consultancy in Lexington that specializes in zoning law.
2. A research fellowship with a think tank. I'd be doing research regarding a Hope IV grant for the revitalization of a housing development that happens to be in my neighborhood. I'm hoping since I have the neighborhood in I'll be more likely to get the position.

Naja. I'm looking forward to seeing you Minneapolis kids soon. What's going on with the Twins game? Someone call me or something.

Oh, yeah, I'm also now an official member of the American Planning Association, so that's pretty cool.


onetenchelsea 8:47 PM  

i already heard back from that second one I was talking about. I'm going to interview when i get back from mpls.

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