New Layout

As you've probably noticed, I've been working on a new layout for this site over the past month or so. I'm hoping to start using it more professionally. I've cleaned up a lot of old (no longer functioning) links and added a CV. My full portfolio will be following soon, but for the moment, I've simply linked to work examples on Flickr. I'm also hoping to start writing more often about my various research objectives. I feel that, for the last two years or so, I've been too busy to blog, but at the same time it's taken away from the ease and fluidity of my writing. In any case I think it's important to start again. If you do link here and you haven't already switched, the URL is now www.zakcqlockrem.com as well.

Also, I recently finished up working on a short "zine" for the GSD's Ecological Urbanism conference (which I also live-blogged here) with some other people from the TRAYS journal. Click on the image below to download.


Radman 9:22 AM  

The new layout looks really good, Z. Very clean, very nice.

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