I finally had some time to sit down and type a longer post after what has been a pretty crazy week.

When I started applying for master's programs, my professors advised my that I should shoot for the top tier, so basically I took the top ten schools for Planning in North America and, given my elementary French and Spanish, said "non, merci" to UQAM and "no, gracias" to UNAM and ITESM, and then dropped UCLA based our agreement that two years in LA just wasn't something we were ready to do now. Then I applied to the rest.

So about two weeks ago, one of my professors e-mailed me and a friend of mine who is also applying to schools this year to see if we had heard anything yet. Neither of us had. The professor also told us that he had heard that applications to planning school were way up this year. Unlike my friend, who had also applied to a couple of the better second tier schools, I hadn't done a back up at all, so I've kind of (ok, a little more then kind of) been freaking out the last couple weeks.

But anyway, long story short, I heard from Penn this week (two weeks before they are supposed to be sending out responses) and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I visited the department a few months ago and liked it. The studio space used to be Louis Kahn's studio, so it's got a lot of good energy. Of course I'm also still hopeful that I'll have some choices.

Beyond that, I've been working at finding an internship for the summer so I can quit my job a little sooner, and I've had a lot of good responses. The one I've been having the most back and forth with is an organization that does housing policy stuff in Washington (DC not State). There is also one I'd really like in San Francisco doing sidewalk design.

So yeah. Lot of stuff in the works. More later.

*** I heard from the School of Design at Harvard today. Got in there too. yeah!


John 1:59 PM  

you have so many options...

John 2:00 PM  

what the...?

it cut out the first half of my post!

i said: WOW, congratulations! It's awesome that you have so many options...

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