Nine Parts of Desire

J and I went to see an awesome play for her birthday last night. It's a one-woman show called Nine Parts of Desire at the Lyric Stage Company in the Back Bay. The play was written by an Iraqi-American Journalist based on her interviews with different women both in Iraq and in exile. The actress does an amazing job of changing people throughout the play. Sometimes you even felt like her face aged suddenly. It was really quite amazing. The theatre was also quite nice. It's very small and intimate. I highly recommend the show. I think they do student rush tickets for $10 or so.

It's the first time since we moved to Boston that we've gone to a play, and I definitely want to do more. In Minneapolis, we would go about once a month or so. As a complete aside, if you are Minneapolitan and you don't go to the theater, you really should. All the fantastic small theatres are probably one of the best cultural amenities in the cities. I really like Theater Garage, Theater in the Round, Theater de la Jeune Lune and Mixed Blood a lot. Of course the Guthrie and the Guthrie Lab also have great stuff, but I prefer the smaller more contemporary and intimate shows. Theater Garage especially was wonderful (as I'm typing this I find myself really hoping they are still around... ok I just googled it and it is...)

So, to sum up, we want to see more plays. If anyone knows of any good companies in Boston, especially with student pricing, please let me know.


Anonymous,  12:34 AM  

ya, I was trying to explain to my roommate the other day about minneapolis and how it is just easier to experience art there, whether it is an indie film, a play, art done by your friends or whatever. She seemed to think that minnneapolis was like some hickland out in the middle of nowhere.
since I'm the only person she knows from minneapolis, i'm not sure what kind of impression I'm giving her of the city. She told me yesterday that I dressed like an art teacher. I'm hoping she meant an young one.

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