retail is like a thousand deaths.

After three projectile vomiting incidents last week, I think i'm ready to move on from the retail world. I don't want to get stuck doing this the rest of my life. I've been throwing out resumes for a few months now, but with few bites. Massachusetts is a tough place to get a job. There are so many laws here to protect workers rights that empoyers have to be really careful who they hire since there is almost no way to fire anybody ever.

I interviewed with an airline named jetBlue yesterday. Would have been great, but they were only willing to start people at part-time. If it weren't for school I probably would have taken it as a second job until they could give me full time, but I just can't work 60 hours a week and go to school. grrrr.


bethany 8:12 PM  

i hate retail as well. blah

Anonymous Poet 8:33 PM  

Hi Bostonian Postcard. Sorry to hear that you don't like the retail world -- and hope you find your true calling. Maybe this site will pick up your spirits a little:


If you like it, feel free to put up a post.

Driver2165 2:25 AM  

may i direct you to http://www.mtamaryland.com/employment/availablepositions/index.cfm

onetenchelsea 3:02 PM  

but i don't live in maryland...

Driver2165 3:23 PM  

i meant this:


hehe mBta instead of mta.

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